Dr. Jeremy Schingen, D.C.

Dr. Jeremy Schingen

Dr. Jeremy Schingen

Dr. Schingen graduated in 2015 from National University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He spent his first 2 years of practice in St. Paul MN gaining valuable clinical experience and expanding his knowledge on patient management and education. Wanting to return to his home town, in 2016 he departed from his practice in St. Paul with a passion and drive to optimize the health of families in the Fond du Lac area. Dr. Schingen has a strong belief that when the structural, nutritional, and emotional stresses are corrected then, high levels of health can be attained.  He is dedicated to helping people understand their role in healthcare and helping them achieve long lasting health.

He holds additional training in Advanced Blood Analysis through Apex Energetics, certified in Applied Kinesiology completing the 100-hour basic course in April 2015, and Nutrition Response Testing.

Dr. Schingen resides in the Fond du Lac area with his wife, Katie and two children. When not spending time with his family or helping coach his sons sports teams Dr. Schingen enjoys cross training, playing softball, hiking, and the outdoors.  I look forward in helping you, and the community, attain a higher level of health.